Original Paintings:
The purchase of a picture is directly possible at a studio visit.

Another possibility is shipping, nationally or  internationally,  with full return policy

News in the context of the Corona crisis: The studio is usually opened every Friday afternoon. Due to the current developments, the studio and the affiliated exhibition must unfortunately remain closed. But please note:
It is still possible to send paintings by a shipping company or a courier service.The shipping of a painting includes a right of return.
And it is also possible to make an individual appointment.

I will inform you on request about the shipping costs and conditions. One advantage is that works of art in some countries e.g. in Switzerland are exempt from import VAT (Customs).

You can order art reproductions of my paintings yourself in your desired size. You can find the information you need by clicking the caption of the images: “Auch als Kunstdruck” or “als Kunstdruck erhältlich”.